IT Architecture

Sustainable IT needs architecture. Principles and standards are essential. The methodological framework helps to make decisions transparent. Architecture extends the field of vision to the various aspects of IT, from business requirements to operations. It pays off. You get an IT that fits the requirements better, is more secure and operates services efficiently.

How can we support you?

  • Establish an organization for IT architecture, live architecture! We help you set up an organization that describes roles and skills.
  • Would you like your architecture team to be supported by an architecture application? We help you with the selection and introduction.
  • Set the methodological standard with TOGAF that documents your IT architectures. But which architecture objects should be documented?
  • Describe your target architecture for applications, infrastructure, security and processes. We can help you with the small and large hurdles of building planning.
  • Introduce new technologies, consolidate old components. The implementation of architectures is just as much a part of our skills as their design.