Digitalization. Transformation. Service Management.

We want to be your trustworthy partner for questions around IT strategy, IT architecture, IT solutions (products and services), IT sourcing, digitization as well as the transformation and implementation of changes.

How we work for you.

Independent of software and hardware providers. Together with you develop collaborative approaches and sustainable solutions. We also work on your side during implementation until it works. On the one hand, as a sparring partner, we understand the perspective of your customers. We also want to position IT as a driver of innovation.

Our Services

IT Transformation

What does digitization, cloud and big data mean for your IT organization? IT must constantly review and maximize your value added to your company’s business model. This can only be achieved through constant change and transformation. An IT transformation should be based on goals, a strategy and an IT architecture framework.

IT Architecture

Sustainable IT needs architecture. Principles and standards are essential. The methodological framework helps to make decisions transparent. Architecture extends the field of vision to the various aspects of IT.

D3 Workshops

D3 workshops offer solutions in complex problem situations and large organizations. The question usually arises: How can you make good / robust decisions / solutions as quickly as possible and at the same time gain broad acceptance among the team? After all, the implementation should also run as quickly and smoothly as possible.


Procuring IT services based on needs is a challenge. Do you need the best offer from the supplier that best suits you? Or do you have to constantly align your IT with customer business, provide flexible and effective IT service?

IT Service Management

Service management in IT operations is the basis for the planning, implementation and control of service processes. Since you have to constantly improve the quality and costs of your services, the efficiency and customer orientation of your processes have a major impact on your success. All processes must be designed in such a way that they work smoothly and are transparent.

Transformation into Cloud

There is no way around cloud services. From infrastructure to complete applications, cloud services today offer everything that is required in IT operations, and at the same time cost-effective, flexible, secure and powerful. A migration to cloud services requires technical and commercial know-how as well as the adjustment of the operating model.

Solutions for your Company

Take a look at our solutions. From our experience, we have adaptable solutions developed.

Governance & Compliance for IT Services

Service development & engineering requires the involvement of several departments and stakeholders. Benefit from out structured approach to get from the initial idea to customer ready solution.